The Evening Chai Ritual

Home – where you seek some much-needed relaxation at the end of a long day! And just as you’d do for everything else you hold dear, you may have a go-to ritual as soon as you walk into your home at the end of a long, hectic day.  Whether it’s putting on your mood music or setting the kettle/decoction for a steaming cup of tea/coffee, it’s what helps you disconnect and relax from all that the day has been thus far.

On most days, your evening home rituals will set you up for comfort and relaxation, but what about those days that this just doesn’t cut it? What do you do then? Well, to just break the mundaneness of routine and everything else in-between, we’re going to take you through some evening rituals that you can mix up with your own personal favourites in case you want to breeze up your post-work evenings.

  • A super cheesy movie with Assam Masala Tea – Laugh the blues away while you sip on the bursts of flavour in every drop of our Assam Masala Chai and unwind to the silly groove of a super cheesy flick with your family or buddies.
  • A meditative experience with Assam Green Tea – Immerse yourself in deep meditation with ambient music in the backdrop with the soothing notes of our Assam Green Tea gently nudging you into a state of total Shanti.
  • Cooking Evenings with Assam Premium Tea – Bust out your chef aprons and get whipping those bajjis and pakoras, or up the ante and whip up a yummy dinner for your loved ones, by the power of our Assam Premium Tea.
  • Bookwormy evenings with Nilgiri Black Tea – Leave the world behind as you get lost in an alternate dimension as you’re sipping some prime Nilgiri Black Tea and reading a book that has you completely immersed.
  • Game evenings with Nilgiri Green Tea – First feel light, then give the competition a fright as you bust out the board games or your console and controllers while you and your buddies get ready for an evening of intense competition and indulgence. Game on!

Of course, keep  in mind that when it comes to giving your evening rituals an upgrade they deserve, the sky is the limit!

Written by Mountain Trail Foods Pvt Ltd