Brightening Lives & Bringing People Together

With over 30 Lakh happy customers around the country and 10+ Years of expertise in brewing  a great cup for the perfect experience, Chai Point brings the same expertise and same quality, one step closer.
Now enjoy the Chai Point Experience at the comfort of your homes, as we curate specialized blends personalized to your taste.

Welcome to India's first Home Cafe by Chai Point!

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What our Customers Say !

Love the Signature Assam Masala Tea by Chai Point. It is truly, what one can call, a 'kadak chai'
The Premium Assam tea with a pinch of elaichi extract is my go to cup - perfect way to unwind after a hectic day of work
It is like having the Chai Point experience at your home!
The Whole Leaf Green Tea & Trail mix is my post-workout meal - a healthier replacement to my post-workout cravings!

About Chai Point

"To serve the perfect cup that brightens lives & brings people together"

Everyone has a cup
Whether alone or with loved ones, whether to beat the Monday morning blues or to unwind after a hectic day of work, Chai is not about the beverage. It is an emotion, an experience.

Sip it, slurp it, have it the way you like it

Because there's no right way of chaiing