Rush, rush through the day. From the car to the desk and then on to the boardroom, presentations & more. The common urban, millennial story. Take a breather, sip of some healthy refresh. Chai Point extends a helping hand with a stylish, one-of-a-kind Chai Bot, a mobile infuser, that’s the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Read on to know more…

Bot of Goodness
Made with superior quality glass and stainless steel, this one’s a Chai Point Collective that ensures you get your regular sips of healthy refresh, no matter where you are. The special, one-of- a-kind infuser bottle is now available online

How it Works
In just five easy steps you have your healthy energy-potion ready to help you sail through the day.

Step 1: Grab the Chai Bot and a bag of Chai Point whole leaf green tea.

Step 2: Twist open the bottom of the Bot and throw in a handle-full of the green tea leaves and put the bottom back on.

Step 3: Open the top of the Bot and pour in room-temperature water.

Step 4: Put the cap back on and let the Bot sit for 2-3 minutes to allow for the infusion.

Step 5: Enjoy the refreshing taste, carry it with you, and refill to keep sipping at your mobile health potion through the day.

Get Fresh

‘Chai Bot-green tea on the run’ rejuvenates you and keeps up your productivity flowing through the day.

Written by Mountain Trail Foods Pvt Ltd