Instant Masala Tea (Pack of 10)

Craving for an authentic cup of chai at the convenience of your fingertips?

Chai Point range of Instant Teas is a specially crafted beverage designed for those hectic work from home meetings, late work days, travel & holidays without compromising on the authentic taste of home made chai

Chai Point Instant Masala Chai is a blend of premium Indian spices & classic Assam tea brought together to create a cup of warmth & richness of experience

Now carry your cup of Authentic Masala chai wherever you go – Just add hot water & stir well and your Masala chai is ready!

Rs. 169 Rs. 199

Customer Reviews

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Srikanta G
Good taste

Taste is good, but your delivery service is bad. Took too many days after ready for pickup schedule. I had requested for cancellation as it was not picked up by courier. After that you delivered

Atul Jha

Simply wow

Ajay Shukla
Missing Unit

Everything is good about Masala Tea thats why I put my order, except the fact that I have only received 9 units against my order of 10 units (10×10=100 packets). I am sure that it must be a genuine mistake on the part of the guy responsible for packing of my order. But the most disheartening thing is that even after I brought up the issue, I didn't get any reply from the team. Anyway the tea is good and anyone who reads this review, I would suggest go and buy in-person from the store. Do not give a bulk order like me (or expect missing units for which you have already paid in advance).
1star because you charged me for 10 units and sent me only 9. But your product is really good no doubt.

Dayachand Savansukha
Good taste

Good taste tea

Parthasarathy Murali

100 ml water if mixed chai is very light. May be good for 75ml water