Instant Masala Tea (Pack of 10)

Craving for an authentic cup of chai at the convenience of your fingertips?

Chai Point range of Instant Teas is a specially crafted beverage designed for those hectic work from home meetings, late work days, travel & holidays without compromising on the authentic taste of home made chai

Chai Point Instant Masala Chai is a blend of premium Indian spices & classic Assam tea brought together to create a cup of warmth & richness of experience

Now carry your cup of Authentic Masala chai wherever you go – Just add hot water & stir well and your Masala chai is ready!

Rs. 199

Customer Reviews

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Himanshu Gupta

It was really good, authentic masala tea.

Deodatta Baxy
Instant Masala Flavour Tea Review

As mentioned in the review of mixed classics, masala flavour is quite good. Initially it tastes a bit dull and appears light coloured, but as you keep drinking everyday, you find that you can drink tea of this flavour regularly. While some other brands in the market appear more tasty and are perhaps more popular but I found difficulty in drinking everyday for many days. Making a universally appealing taste is actually a very tough task.

Sharda Gopal
Ready in a Jiffy!

I have tasted both Masala and Ginger flavours of instant tea. Both are very good. Only had to add little sugar. Preparation is very convenient to get refreshed after a tired day.

Ranjitha Ravindran
Chai on the go

Perfect blend of Indian masala chai, especially when you are traveling or having a lazy day. Perfect taste, nice package, affordable, and everything else.

Jacob Verghese
Awesome product

Very convenient.....very authentic taste....all the three flavors....masala, cardamom and ginger are good. Masala is the best.