Instant Ginger Tea (Pack of 20)

Weight: 14g/sachet

Craving for an authentic cup of chai at the convenience of your fingertips?

Chai Point range of Instant Teas is a specially crafted beverage designed for those hectic work from home meetings, late workdays, travel & holidays without compromising on the authentic taste of homemade chai

Chai Point Instant Ginger Chai contains the goodness of natural gingers blended with classic Assam tea for a flavoursome & zesty experience

Now carry your cup of Authentic Ginger chai wherever you go – Just add hot water & stir well and your Ginger chai is ready!

Rs. 358 Rs. 398

Customer Reviews

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Unbelievably Unprofessional Experience by Chaipoint Customer Care Team

I had ordered a total of 3 packets of ginger (30 sachets) and 2 packets of masala (20 sachets) premix tea vide order#3570352. However, i got delivered 1 packet of Ginger, 1 packet Masala, & 2 packets of Cardamom premix tea instead. Been following up with Chaipoint ever since 11th Oct via emails to, and (all given by chaipoint customer care agent: Neha) but Chaipoint customer care team has decided that they will not respond and not resolve my issue come what may. Calls to customer care number has yeilded zero results and increased frustration.

Revathi Janakiram


Swati Verma
A perfect cup of tea...

Loved it....completely 😍